“Once in a Generation” Opportunities for Australian Small and Medium Business

Chafta, the term being given to the China Australia Free Trade Agreement is offering Australian Businesses almost “Once in a Lifetime” opportunities.

China, a Country of about 1.3 Billion has had the highest growth rate in the World for many years. It’s now the 2nd largest economy in the World and according to Dr. Ivan Tselichtchev will surpass the USA by 2030.

China is almost on our doorstep and they “love” Australia and things Australian, especially our “clean green foods” and our food standards in general.


Have a look at the outline of the Free Trade Agreement  and see for yourself the opportunities.

Many Australian business will need working capital to be able to take advantage of these opportunities and as a result, Debtor Finance and Factoring will be a very valuable business finance tood for Australian SME’s looking to exploit their full potential.