Cash Flow Funding for Start-up Businesses

Here’s a link to an interesting article on starting a new business from one of Australia’s success stories.

A number of good points are made and it’s well worth the read.

One point that was missed is managing cash flow.   BusinessWorkingCapital_SMEs-300x275

In any business and especially a start-up business, Cash Flow is King – always!

Something many businesses use is debtor finance. That’s where the unpaid sales invoices of the business are used as collateral to accelerate the cash flow cycle.

Sometimes it’s called invoice finance or receivables finance and sometimes it’s called factoring but regardless of the name or title, it’s a very similar process which results in a business being able to pay its bills and expand at a much faster rate than it would be able to if it had to wait for the sales invoices to be paid.

Usually no real estate security is required.

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